Notaria Publica 18

The Law Firm of Mr. Garcia Amor, has a distinctive history which can first be traced to a Counselor at Law by the name of Enrique Estrada Villegas. Mr. Estrada Villegas started his practice as a Notary in Morelia, Michoacán in 1895 and became a respected attorney in and around the community. Following in his footsteps was his grandchild Julio Garcia Estrada who continued the legal heritage established by Mr. Estrada Villegas. Mr. Garcia Estrada graduated law school from the National School of Jurisprudence in Mexico City, starting his practice as a Mexican Notary Public and opening an office in Acapulco, Mexico in 1949. Julio Antonio Cuauhtémoc Garcia Amor, Mr. Garcia Estrada’s son, has continued this legacy by graduating from the Law School of La Salle University in Mexico City in 1979 and becoming a Notary Public in Acapulco in1992. In addition, Mr. Garcia Amor is an expert in contracts and has published four books in the field of Mexican Notarial Law, Civil Law, Real Estate Law and Successor law. These publications are available for sale at our office, online, or through the publisher of Casa Editorial Trillas, as well as their bookstores in Mexico, South America and Spain. The law firm of Garcia Amor in Acapulco, has been in his family for more than sixty five years. Our Firm provides Notary services, legal counseling and paralegals that are able to advice in both private and civil law. The following are additional services we provide: Legal and Real Estate counseling, Transfer of Property, Powers of Attorney, Notarial Certifications, Wills, Inheritance Process, Mortgages and Loan Contracts, Trusts, Administrative Procedures and General Legal Advise in numerous fields of private law.


  • Legal and Real Estate Consulting
  • Transfer of Property Contracts
  • Powers of attorney
  • Notarizations and Certification
  • Testaments, Wills
  • Inheritance acceptances
  • Mortgages
  • Acknowledge of legal circumstances
  • Trusts
  • Administrative and real estate negotiations
  • Notarial Notification and serving documents
  • Experts on all kinds of standard contracts